Hormone Pills

We carry only the highest quality supplements to help you achieve maximum feminine results. Please note, that all pills and creams are sold as a supplement only, and we do not make claims as to their efficacy. Each person's body is different, but we have had many positive results and feedback from our clients. All of these products are made by a pharmaceutical company who uses only the purist ingredients that meet or exceed label requirements. The glandular used in our products are processed at low temperatures to preserve their natural constituents. The supplements contain no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, corn or soy derivatives and have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
ovaglan60.jpg Ova-Glan Hormonal Feminizing Pills
Great hormonal supplements without a prescription! Ova-Glan Ultra-Strength Womens Glandular supplement is packed with all the feminine hormone producing ingredients to help you develop all aspects of your feminine self. Ovary, mammary, uterus, pituitary and many herbs go into this superior product. 60 tablets.
Ova-Glan Feminizing Pills 120 Count
Ova-Glan Ultra-Strength Womens Glandular supplement in the 120 tablet bottle. This is a two month supply. You save $10.00 off the price of two 60 count bottles!
SuperStrengthMammary.jpg Super Strength Mammary Pills
Raw glandular hormones available without a prescription! Formulated to enhance the breasts and develop the milk glands. Contains all natural mammary concentrate and is water soluable. 100 tablet bottle.
UltraFemPlus.jpg Ultra-Fem Plus
Raw glandular hormones including mammary, uterus and ovary available without a prescription! The hormones in this formula perform basic biochemical and physiological changes in the female body including breast enlargement and softening of the skin. 60 tablet bottle.
3packpills.jpg Three-Pack Hormonal Pills
Great hormonal supplements without a prescription! You get three of our best selling hormonal supplemts for one low price! In our three pack you will receive one bottle of Ultra-Fem Plus (60 tablets), one bottle of our Super-Strength Mammary (100 tablets) and our Ova-Glan feminizing pills (60 tablets) for a $15.00 savings over buying them separately! Enhance all your womanly parts with our top-quality supplements that use mammary, uterus, ovary and other powerful raw glandulars.
OvaryPlus.jpg Ovary-Plus
The purest raw ovary glandulars to help tame testosterone and bring out a more feminine you. 165 mg of Raw Ovary glandular in every pill. 90 tablets.
GlanFemPlus.jpg Glan-Fem Plus
Special formula of vitamins, ovary, andrenal and other glandulars that help normalize feminine hormone cycles in women. All natural supplement. 90 tablets
ESTRO.jpg Estroven
We now carry an all natural estrogen! Estroven caplets are very potent, effective, and concentrated, these are the REAL thing. And since it is natural estrogens from plants, NO prescription is required. They are the perfect introduction to femininzation hormone therapy, or used together with our other hormone products, a powerful addition to your feminization regimen. All instructions are included with packaging.
collanex.jpg Purvana
The world's best hair, skin and nail supplement! If you are trying to soften your skin and grow your nails, this is the formula that will assist you. Use this alone or in conjunction with your feminization regimen. 30 softgels.